Review On Pool Ladders Best Swimming Pool Ladder Review 2020

Best Swimming Pool Ladder Review
Review On Pool Ladders

Review On Pool Ladders Every swimming pool will not be complete without a pool ladder whether it’s an inground pool or above ground pool. Most pools come with a built-in ladder when first purchased. A first class pair of stairs or steps for pool owners are not just a “nice to have” they are very essential.The pool ladder allows you to get in and out of the pool easily.

Entering and exiting your pool safely has an even higher safety priority than pool hygiene. Ladders that come with your pool usually work well for awhile,but may not be the best, as they bend and break easily. You should not rely on those ladders and look for a more advanced, professionally made one for your pool. Buying a much better ladder makes your pool safer for younger folks and also seniors too. They minimize the risk of injuries from slipping. Lacerations, bruising, twisted joints, and broken bones are some possible injuries too.

Not using a ladder or having a cheaper one can also cause serious brain and spinal injuries. Swimming has to be a fun-filled activity, but you cannot enjoy it if you are constantly worrying about the safety of you and your family. Using the right type of ladder can take that worry away. Now, before you hit the stores, you need to understand that pool ladders have different designs and frame structures. Don’t know where to get started to get the best pool ladder for your pool? Hopefully this review on pool ladders will help you find the best swimming pool ladder for your pool.

Confer Plastics Above Ground Swimming Pool Ladder

Review On Pool Ladders:Confer Plastics Above Ground Swimming Pool Ladder
Review On Pool Ladders

A few pool ladders do limit the flow of water in the pool. It causes poor water circulation which in turn encourages algae growth. This can cause poor water circulation notably in areas hidden underneath the ladder. You won’t have this particular problem with this great pool ladder by Confer Plastics. On top of being corrosion and rust resistant, this ladder also is designed to keep the pool water flowing.

Key Features:

NO WORRIES – Getting in and out of your pool just got a whole lot easier! No longer will you have to worry about your pool ladder tipping over or you slipping and missing a step.

SAFETY FIRST – Includes mounting brackets to safely secure the ladder to your pool or deck. Each wide step has a dimension of 10 inches x 27 inches so there is no way you can miss a step when entering or leaving the pool.

INSTALLATION IS A BREEZE – This ladder works for all above ground pools with flat bottoms. Snap together pieces makes for an easy installation. To prevent the ladder from floating, pour in 10 pounds (40 pounds total) in each of the 4 openings of the ladder.

PERFECT DESIGN TO KEEP WATER FLOWING – Design allows for water circulation behind unit to inhibit algae growth. Also allows for other pool chemicals to do their job without getting stuck within the ladder.

ECONOMICAL AND STRONG – White durable frame with large, wide blue steps for high visibility in water. Able to hold up to 400 pounds. Fits Decks up to 60 inches

Confer Plastics Heavy-Duty 60-Inches Pool Ladder


  • This is compatible with pool decks up to 60-inches high.
  • Getting in and out of the pool is easy since it has wide, secure steps, as well as side brackets.
  • The open slots design allows the water to keep flowing and maintain a stable circulation, thus preventing algae growth.
  • The frame material albeit plastic is durable and sturdy.
  • Has a total weight capacity of 400 lbs.
  • Really stable and safe


  • You need to fill it with a lot of sand as the plastic material is light.
  • A few users reported that the handrails are a bit rickety, but then it could be due to delivery management. Still, always check to make sure.

S.R. Smith VLLS-103S 3-Step Elite with Stainless Steel Steps Pool Ladder

S.R. Smith VLLS-103S 3-Step Elite with Stainless Steel Steps Pool Ladder
Review On Pool Ladders

Another great stainless steel pool ladder on this Review On Pool Ladders is this Elite pool ladder from S.R. Smith. This is a 3-step ladder. Everything is made from stainless steel including the treads and the brackets. This may look like an ordinary pool stair to you, but what sets this apart from the rest is that it is compatible with salt water. Whether you have a saltwater pool or a chemically treated pool, this classic stainless steel pool ladder can be used.

Key Features:

  • 3-Step stainless steel ladder with stainless steel steps
  • 20-Inch centers – from center of one anchor to the other
  • For new construction, 2 bronze anchors (AS-100B) are required and are not included
  • Two stainless steel escutcheons (EP100F) provide a clean finish to new ladders and are not included
  • Have a Salt Pool? If so, take a look at our Sealed Steel ladder specifically designed for salt pools


  • The stainless steel material is high-quality; you can tell by the pool ladder’s structure.
  • Has a clean, smooth and shiny finish
  • It’s the best pool ladder for saltwater swimming pools.
  • You can choose other options in terms of the number of steps: 2-steps and 4-steps are also available.


  • This is compatible with saltwater, but this still needs regular cleaning and maintenance.
  • Not safe for children

Inter-Fab L3E049S 3 Economy Sure-Step Tread Swimming Pool Ladder

Review On Pool Ladders:Inter-Fab L3E049S 3 Economy Sure-Step Tread Swimming Pool Ladder
Review On Pool Ladders

Maybe you don’t care for anything extra just want the conventional pool ladder stainless steel look. Then check out Inter-Fab’s L3E049S pool ladder. This ladder has 3 step with stainless steel tread. Study and fairly easy to install.This ladder includes a set of chrome-plated bracket covers. Product that works well.This basically works and compatible with almost any inground pool designs.

Key Features:

  • 3 step stainless steel ladder with Sure-Step stainless steel tread
  • Escutcheons and anchors sold separately
  • 20-Inch center- from center of anchor to other anchor
  • Ladder extends 6-1/2-inch from pool wall
  • 250-Pound weight limit; residential use only


  • Simple yet timeless look
  • The stainless steel material is top-rated and resistant to pool chemicals and salt.
  • It can extend about 6-inches from the pool walls.
  • The brackets are chrome plated to make the item even more durable.


  • No instructions provided
  • Can only hold swimmers with up to 250 lbs. weight
  • This is for residential use only

Vinyl Works Deluxe Above Ground in-Pool Step Ladder

Vinyl Works Deluxe Above Ground in-Pool Step Ladder
Review On Pool Ladders

This Deluxe in-step ladder by Vinyl Works is a perfect ladder for above ground pools with flat bottoms. Comes in a taupe color only. This 4-step Deluxe In-Pool Step Ladder is manufactured from UV resistant, hard-impact resin. Designed for safety and stability, the Deluxe In-Pool Step Ladder features flow-through, anti-entrapment side frames and tread risers and double extended hand rails for easy climbing.

The ladder includes stainless steel hardware and can be mounted directly to pool decks from 44-60 inches in height. An adjustable pool ladder that can be stretch from 44-inches to 60-inches high. Equipped with double handrails and made from high-quality resins. Which serve as an added protection from slipping. Step Dimensions: 24 inches W x 60 inches H x 22 inches D. Tread Dimensions: 7.5 inches D x 20 inches W. If you want a hard-impact resin pool stair, then this is the one you want.

Key Features:

  • Adjustable to fit pool wall and deck heights from 44-60 inches
  • Treads measure 7.5 x 20 inches
  • 300 pound weight capacity
  • Designed for flat bottom above ground pools
  • Constructed of maintenance-free resins with double handrails for added safety


  • The frames of this ladder are anti-entrapment frames, which maintains a good flow-through of pool water.
  • Designed with safety and stability in mind
  • Has double handrails made from stainless steel hardware
  • Easy to construct and assemble
  • Also takes up less space as compared to an A-frame ladder with two legs


  • It’s quite a hassle to get the ladder leveled.
  • You need to take extra measurements to attach the ladder to your existing deck.

SAFTRON 3-Step P-324-L3-W Pool Ladder

SAFTRON P-324-L3-W White 3-Step In Ground Swimming Pool Ladder
Review On Pool Ladders

The White SAFTRON high-impact polymer ladder is constructed using specially formulated compounds that make it super-strong and corrosion-proof. With unmatched resistance to the elements, UV rays, and chemicals the 3-Step Ladder becomes virtually maintenance-free.

SAFTRON Ladders are also guaranteed to keep their bright, smooth finish for many years and are ideal for salt chlorinated pools. The best-selling 3-Step Residential In-Ground Ladder features enclosed, reinforced galvanized steel with a high impact polymer exterior that provides the ultimate in strength, durability and ensures the ladder is impervious to pool chemicals, salt, and UV damage. Best of all, there is no grounding or bonding required during installation and the non-marring finish keeps the ladder cool to the touch. Ladder Dimensions: 24 Inches W x 53 Inches H. Tube Dimensions: 1.90 Inches OD x 1.38 Inches ID.

Key Features:

  • High impact polymer exterior is super-strong and corrosion-proof
  • Enclosed, reinforced galvanized steel interior for durability
  • Non-marring finish is impervious to pool chemicals, salt, and UV damage
  • No bonding or grounding required during installation
  • Dimensions: 24 Inches Wide x 53 Inches High x 1.90 Inch Outer Diameter


  • It is recognized as one of the best inground pool ladders because of its sturdy and robust material.
  • Made from reinforced galvanized steel with high-impact polymer exterior, making this ladder super strong, rust and corrosion resistant
  • It also boasts a non-marring finish that can protect the ladder from UV damage, pool chemicals, and salt.
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Ideal for chlorinated pools


  • The weight limit of this pool ladder is only 250 lbs.
  • Not really safe for toddlers since the steps are steep

Why Do You Need An Above Ground Pool Stairs:

Most pool sets usually include a ladder when you buy them. However most of them are inferior and not the best quality. You’ll soon discover that they are made from low quality and cheap metals. Material that tends to bend or break after awhile. The pool ladder is the safest and easiest way to access a pool. Especially if you have youngster or toddlers in your family.

The best option for swimmers of an above ground pool will always be stairs. Because older people, kids, and the physically challenged may find it hard to climb over the above ground pools. A pool ladder will help them get into the pool faster and in a safer way.


Pools will always remain the most unsafe areas doesn’t matter if it a public pool or one in your backyard. Anybody can easily get injured by slipping and falling. The things you have to think about when investing in a pool ladder is your safety.

Having a sturdy and well made pool ladder, will minimize injuries from slipping. Some of the possible injuries we can get from pool accidents, twisted joints, lacerations, and bruising, just to name a few. With that said the first improvement you should make to you new pool is to invest in a durable pool ladder.


Swimming in pools should to be a fun activity. But when you and your family members are worried and cautious about getting in and out of the pool it takes the fun out of it. Especially for heavy set people. Good thing there are pool ladders that caters to heavy people. All pool ladders have high weight capacity limits and railings to make getting in and out of a pools a lot easier.


I hope this review on pool ladders has helped you decide which pool ladder is right for you.

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