Best Towable Backhoe Review Guide For 2021-2022

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Best Towable Backhoe Review Guide For 2021-2022 – Heavy equipment like big backhoe diggers and trenchers can be costly and difficult to work with. But then, how do you carry on excavations smoothly?

For this reason, it is time to switch to a more convenient option. There is an affordable middle ground that can be reached. A portable mini digger is an excellent solution that will work efficiently while saving hundreds of dollars.

And what’s more! It can either be driven around or towed with the help of a tractor. While these are becoming more popular by the day, there is a vast list of options to choose from, and that can be quite challenging. But don’t worry, we have got you covered.

To help with your decision making, a comprehensive list of the best exceptional options has been curated by us. Also, we have included a buyer’s guide that will help you choose the one that fits your needs. So to find out even more keep reading our Best Towable Backhoe Review Guide For 2021-2022.

Skid Steer Backhoe Fronthoe 16″ Bucket Excavator Attachment Bobcat Loader Titan

Skid Steer Backhoe Fronthoe 16" Bucket Excavator Attachment Bobcat Loader Titan

Titan Attachments Skid steer Backhoe Fronthoe 16″ Bucket Excavator Attachment Bobcat Loader The Titan skid steer backhoe reaches 6-feet deep with a single arm and hydraulic tilt bucket controlled from inside the cab. This works great for trenching and other productive digging work.

Product Details:

  • Universal skid steer style hookup 6′ max digging depth
  • Hoses and flat faced couplers are included Tube steel stronger than I beam
  • 6,000 PSI cylinder 442 lbs.
  • 16″ bucket included 8″, 10″, 12″, and 14″ buckets available (call for details) Skid steer quick attach hook up
  • We need your phone number! For the trucking company to schedule delivery. Without it there will be delays.

Titan Attachments 13.5 HP (21 ft-lb Gross Torque) Towable Backhoe, 12-in Bucket, Stabilizing Arms, for use with ATV or U

Titan Attachments 13.5 HP (21 ft-lb Gross Torque) Towable Backhoe, 12-in Bucket, Stabilizing Arms, for use with ATV or U

The 13.5 HP (21 ft.-lb gross torque) Towable Backhoe by Titan Attachments is designed for digging, trenching, planting trees, stump removal, and other dirt work. This machine is self-powered with a hydraulic system, so there is no fussing with a 3-point hitch or hydraulic connections.

This functional design allows you to connect the machine to your truck, ATV, UTV, or tractor, tow to any location up to 45 mph. The Backhoe features a 12-inch bucket, (2) stabilizing arms, pneumatic tires, and a Briggs and Stratton engine.

NOTE: This backhoe is intended for general off-road use and should not be used on public roads.

Product Details:

  • TRANSPORT CAPABILITIES: The Towable Backhoe by Titan Attachments hitches to your preferred vehicle with a 2inch ball hitch. Take the Backhoe off road with your ATV, UTV, or Lawn Tractor allowing you to get to places a farm tractor cannot.
  • HITCH CONNECTION: By staying hitched to your tow vehicle will provide leverage while ripping or lifting. Work unhitched, for lighter jobs, providing more maneuverability.
  • WIDE STANCE: The wide stance stabilizer system provides a stable platform for maximum digging. The front legs have 3 positions for modifying working heights while the rear feet skid back easily, but resist forward sliding.
  • BRIGGS AND STRATTON ENGINE: The Backhoe uses features a 13.5 HP (21 ft. lb. gross torque) engine with an overhead valve and a cast iron cylinder sleeve for a long life.

Towable Ride-On Trencher Special

Towable Ride-On Trencher Special

This trenching machine’s dependable 9 HP industrial engine powers the hefty hydraulic pump that lets you dig down to an 8 ft. depth with the included 3-tooth trencher bucket while you sit comfortably on the padded seat.

A hitch coupler is included for hooking up the trencher to your pickup truck. All residential customers must have forklift for unloading of this item. In order to return this item for a refund or replacement, all fuel must first be drained.

Product Details:

  • Boom travel: 60° left and right
  • Maximum digging depth: 7 ft.
  • Digging width: 13 in.
  • Maximum reach: 8 ft.
  • Large 12 in. DOT certified wheels

Best Towable Backhoe Buyers Guide For 2021-2022

What Is The Best Towable Backhoe?

While you can find plenty of towable backhoes to help you with your construction work, the best pull-behind backhoe is the Ride-On Trencher by Central Machinery. This beast is a suitable machine for beginners as well as experienced operators.

Its boom has a span of 60 degrees to the left and right, but that does not limit its digging potential at all. It easily competes with the likes of Honda and Titan backhoes to deliver an exceptional depth of up to 7 feet. Furthermore, it has a reach of up to 8 feet, which increases its usability for higher productivity.

It even comes with DOT-certified 12-inch wheels. The best part is that you can get it at a relatively cheaper cost than other brand models while retaining a similar level of efficiency. That’s why it is considered the best backhoe for the money.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Towable Backhoe:

Category 1 and 2 Tractors:

The Titan is ideal for category-1 tractors and might be able to use a category-2 tractor. It has the power of the Honda but is a little bit cheaper because you aren’t paying for the towable construction.

It can hook up to your tractor’s hydraulic system but note that you’ll have to purchase a separate hose kit to bypass the backhoe oil reserves. If your tractor doesn’t have a hydraulic system or if you want to run it externally, you’ll need a standard PTO pump.

Stand-alone Trailers:

If you don’t have a tractor and don’t want to mess with the additional hookups and connections, Central Machinery and Honda models may be ideal. Just make sure that you have something with which you’re ready to tow them.

Considering the Dirt and Job:

Consider the job that you’ll need the towable backhoe to be doing. If you don’t expect to use it very much and expect the dirt to be lightly packed and relatively easy to move, don’t overpay for a backhoe.

Simply go for a cheaper model. But, if you expect to get a ton of use out of towable backhoes, the Honda model on this list should last you for an incredibly long time.

It’s well worth the price if you need a machine that can be used consistently and needs to move significant amounts of dirt at the same time.

Additionally, consider the kind of dirt that you’ll be moving. While Honda has the most power in its engine, the Central Machinery has an extra tooth on the bucket. The extra bucket tooth will help you smooth and sear greater amounts of dirt at the same time.


Consider storage for the backhoe as well. The Honda is nearly 1200 pounds while the Central Machinery model is about 400 pounds lighter. Each model has a specific size, and you’ll want to make sure that you’ve got room to be able to put it somewhere and store it. For more convenience of storage and portability, a mini backhoe can do the job too.

Digging Dimensions:

Digging Dimensions Towable BackhoeHow much dirt are you planning to dig? How deep are you planning to go with your chosen backhoe? The depth that you are aiming for will determine the type of machine you want. Most backhoes will provide you a digging depth of up to 16 feet, but you will find the range varying distinctly.

While some machines will have a field range of around 60 degrees, other machines may reach as far as 130 degrees on either side. With a larger field of range, you have more room to effectively dig up the dirt without the need to move the machine.

But, a bigger range also brings in more weight and price to such a unit. If you really need a towable backhoe to help you with in-depth digging over a broader range, make sure you have a budget for such equipment.


What is the type of terrain you are aiming for? It is significant that the equipment you are investing in has the ability to dig the dirt and soil from a plethora of soil types. Some soils, like clay soil, might be denser, which makes it harder for the machine to dig through it. On the contrary, muddy soil is porous, which is easier to dig out.

If your work is limited to only one type of soil, choose a specific type of backhoe without the need for heavy investment. Get a machine that easily fits the job. For terrains with stubborn soil types, choose a backhoe that is durable, powerful, and energy-efficient for successfully digging out the soil.


You can also invest in a machine that does not simply rely on one function, which is digging. Backhoes and excavators often come with various attachments that are suitable for other jobs. For example, you can use a thumb attachment or a grapple bucket attachment to use it for other chores without the need of buying a new machine. Investing in a flexible unit will save you a ton of money and keep your work productive.

How to Operate & Use a Towable Backhoe:

Heavy-duty towable backhoes need to be correctly attached to the hitch before they are moved with a truck. Failure to do so can cause damage to both the backhoe and the vehicle itself, so check the owner’s manual on the towing vehicle to prevent any damage to either piece of equipment.

Make sure the wheel bearings are well greased. You don’t want to put extra strain on the axel or the frame by lacking the proper amount of lubrication to get the towable backhoe moving well.

Additionally, sometimes the seats on a towable backhoe can be somewhat uncomfortable to sit in. It usually isn’t too hard to replace the seat with something a bit more comfortable.

If you’re going to be doing a lot of digging for hours at a time, you should look into replacing the seat with something that offers a bit more support. A tractor seat might be ideal for the occasion.

Towable Backhoes FAQs

Q: How Deep Does a Backhoe Dig?
Backhoes have a variable range of dig depth. Such machines can efficiently dig between 7 feet and 16 feet depending upon the model. The digging capacity of these machines depends upon the backhoe’s arm length. A backhoe without an extendible arm usually has a digging capability of up to 9 feet. The ones with an extendible arm can elongate to dig between 12 feet and 16 feet.

Q: Which is Better Backhoe or Excavator?
The two machines usually have the same operations. The main difference between the two is the size. Backhoes are relatively smaller in size, while excavators are heavier and larger. If your work involves drilling shafts for demolition jobs, driving piles, mining, and other large-scale operations, an excavator is what you need. However, if you are a contractor looking for day-to-day digging work without heavy loads, a towable backhoe can do the job pretty well. Needless to say, a backhoe is much cheaper compared to an excavator because of its varying usage and sizes.

Q: How Many Hours Does a Backhoe Last?
A typical backhoe machine can last up to 10,000 hours if you use it for moderate applications and operations. If you use it for intense workload and applications you can expect a drop in its efficiency up to 26 percent, resulting in an overall lifespan of up to 7000 hours.

Q: Is a Backhoe a Good Investment For Me?
If you own small contractor business, consistently moving heavy amounts of materials and excavating from time to time, a backhoe would be a feasible investment as a reliable tool for the work. Backhoes will give you more productivity and let you finish excavating or digging work faster. Towable backhoes are also suitable for people who are involved in landscaping projects or gardening. If you own a tractor, you can invest in a towable backhoe without the need of buying a complete machine.

Q: What All Can You Do With a Backhoe?
Backhoes are ideal for landscaping projects of various types and sizes, like transferring trees to new locations by digging them out without damaging the root balls. You can also use a backhoe for moving dirt, topsoil, gravel, rocks, and boulders.

Q: Why is a Backhoe Called a Backhoe?
Backhoe is the term used for representing the bucket’s action, and not the vehicle’s location. This machine draws the soil backward with a digging motion, instead of lifting it forward such as a bulldozer or a shovel. Its backward motion of digging is the primary reason for its name.


In the past, people would use shovels to dig, but that required way too much time and effort. The other alternative would be a big trencher or digger, which would not be cost-effective. Landscaping and construction is indeed a very tough job, but now, we have portable mini diggers to take care of the work at hand. With this, we come to the end of our comprehensive guide of the best towable portable backhoe diggers of this year. We hope that it has given you enough insight and will help you make an informed purchase. With that said we thank you for taking the time to read our Best Towable Backhoe Review Guide For 2021-2022.

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Best Towable Backhoe Review Guide For 2021-2022


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