Pressure Side Pool Cleaners Reviews

Pressure Side Pool Cleaners Reviews
Pressure Side Pool Cleaners Reviews

Pressure Side Pool Cleaners Reviews: During those sweltering summer days, we all love relaxing by or swimming in a nice clean pool. Although we are less eager when it comes to cleaning the pool. A Pressure Side Pool Cleaner gives you that extra time you want to spend in the sun or in the pool. But it’s not so easy to find the best pressure side pool cleaner for the job.

That’s where I come in. I’ll take you by the hand and walk you through all the features of each pressure side pool cleaners. You’ll be ready to buy just the right one for you after reading my Pressure Side Pool Cleaners Reviews. So with that said lets begin.

Pressure Side Pool Cleaners Reviews: What is a pressure side pool cleaner?

A pressure side cleaner is a cleaner that connects to the return side (pressure) of your pool’s circulation system. Also called booster pump type cleaners, water that is pushed or pumped back to the pool propels. These units, which have their own hydraulic power plant inside.

Pressure side pool cleaners get their power from the jets of water coming back to the pool from the pump. Hence, it’s the pressure side of the pump pushing the cleaner instead of the suction side. Because they’re working off your pool’s pump, these cleaners don’t need any electricity to get working.

Pressure side cleaners are great, but lots of manufacturers think they have the means to design and build them. New models are appearing all over the place. And figuring out which ones are good and which ones to avoid can become a real challenge.

I researched these Pressure Side Pool Cleaners, comparing them to each other, hashing out what works and what doesn’t. Then I put it all together in this Pressure Side Pool Cleaners Reviews. To help you decide what to get for your pool. See below which one’s I believe are the best.

Pressure Side Pool Cleaners Reviews-Polaris Vac-Sweep 360 Pressure Side Pool Cleaner

Polaris Vac-Sweep 360 Pressure Side Pool Cleaner
Pressure Side Pool Cleaners Reviews

280 Model 280 Model W/Trax 360 Model 380 Model

This pressure side pool cleaner comes with a 3/4 hp pump. It’ll keep running and sucking up everything in its path. In short the whole pool will be done in no time at all. Doesn’t even require a booster pump, just the regular pool pump. How sweet is that?

At first you’ll have to adjust the vector nozzle, hose length, and the pressure. But once that is taken care of all that is left is sit back and enjoy your nice clean pool.

Furthermore this pressure side pool cleaner model comes with an automatic reverse feature. It will kick in every few minutes to keep it from getting hung up. Like on tight corners or stairs. All pressure side pool cleaners will occasionally get stuck. By the way because this one keeps it to a bare minimum, it makes it easier on you.

As a rule most sweepers gravitate to the deep end of your pool and then get trapped. They will clean it over and over again leaving the shallow end untouched. But with this sweeper it manages to cover the entire pool bottom, with no problems. Your pool will be spotless from one side to the other side. I found the tail sweep to be a bit unproductive. It just seems brush things around, so ignore this if you want.


  • Doesn’t get trapped in the deep end
  • Doesn’t get hung up on stairs
  • Runs fine with 3/4 hp pump
  • No booster pump required
  • Keeps the pool spotless


  • Some adjustments needed during setup

Pressure Side Pool Cleaners Reviews-Hayward TVP500C TriVac 500 Pressure Cleaner

Hayward TVP500C TriVac 500 Pressure Cleaner
Pressure Side Pool Cleaners Reviews

Booster Pump Cleaner With booster Pump Trivac 500

In order for this side pressure cleaner to work right it needs 24 psi. As a rule after you have that adjusted your all set. It also comes with an extra-large leaf and debris collection bag. Thereby you only have to empty it either every day or maybe only once a week.

It’s equipped with a mechanical backup system. This system activates every few minutes. The purpose is to back it away from wall or out of tight corners. In this case it doesn’t back up very far,or for very long. Because of that it tends to go right back into the jam it was in to begin with.

This side pool cleaner has 3 high-pressure water jets. Thereby breaking up the grime and alga so the large suction inlet can scoop up everything they knock loose. It will do a nice job of cleaning until it gets stuck.

Until it gets stuck it will do a pretty good job of cleaning your pool. But as soon as it does get stuck you will have to rescue it. I would like to mention here that this side pool cleaner as a tendency to get trapped in the deep in of the pool. As it can’t climb out to get back to the shallow end without help the shallow end will not get cleaned.


  • Only needs 24 psi to operate
  • Patented Aqua Drive System
  • Three high-pressure jets
  • Extra-large leaf bag
  • Large suction inlet


  • Gets stuck often
  • Gets trapped in the deep end
  • Cleaning bag keeps falling off

Pressure Side Pool Cleaners Reviews-XtremepowerUS Pressure Side Pool Cleaner

XtremepowerUS Pressure Side Pool Cleaner
Pressure Side Pool Cleaners Reviews

I really don’t care for this pressure side pool cleaner it does work well until it breaks. And the price is very high for what you get. When it works it will sweep and scrub the bottom of any pool. And it does include 31′ of hose.

It has an ok reverse feature, and while it’s working it will do an above-average job. The trouble is, it won’t work for long before it starts falling apart. When this happens you can take a look inside and know just what the problem is. You’ll see a lot of cheap plastic gears that begin wearing out on day one. Maybe if they were metal gears this pressure side pool cleaner might last longer. And in that case it might be worth the price they are asking for it.

I did find a customer service line that if this should happen to you, you can call for help. But I have to tell you, you’d be wasting your time if you did. You can not find any replacement parts if you wanted to repair this pressure side pool cleaner and the company will not honor the warranty. When I checked the customer reviews I found a lot of unhappy customers. So your only option, if yours should break is to throw it away and get a much better one.

In addition to that, it won’t run solely from your swimming pool pump. It needs a booster pump to even work at all. You’re throwing good money after bad. Your better off buying the Polaris Vac-Sweep 360 Pressure Side Pool Cleaner above.


  • Works great (until it doesn’t)


  • Requires a booster pump
  • Terrible customer service
  • Cheap plastic gears inside
  • No replacement parts at all
  • Leaf bag breaks and comes off
  • A Lot of Unhappy customers

Pressure Side Pool Cleaners Reviews-Pentair LL505PMG Kreepy Krauly Pressure-Side Pool Vac

Pentair LL505PMG Kreepy Krauly Platinum Pressure-Side Inground Automatic Pool Cleaner
Pressure Side Pool Cleaners Reviews

This pressure side pool cleaner is a very powerful machine. But only if your pool is an above ground or in ground pool with little or no incline on the bottom. If your pool is this way it will work great, scooping up high levels of debris and leaves.

You’ll find the installing process hard by the sub-standard pressure side pool cleaner manual. This manual does not go into enough detail. If you get this one check the company website for better instructions. This unit once it’s installed needs more weight over the back tires. You’ll find them floating more than turning and they barely touch the bottom.

If you should have a regular in ground pool this Kreepy Krauly will get stuck in the deep end. With that said it can climb out if its path goes straight up hill. But if it approaches the incline at any kind of angle, it veers off and circles back to the deep end once more. Once it’s in the deep end it’s there to stay. And No amount of fiddling with the pressure or adjusting it, will make a very big difference. One good feature is the bag. It holds a large amount of debris and leaves. So unless there’s a big storm you won’t have to empty it very often.


  • Great suction
  • Large leaf bag
  • Scoops up lots of leaves
  • Cleaner for darker colored pools


  • Back wheels float
  • Sub-standard manual
  • Gets stuck in the deep end

Pressure Side Pool Cleaners reviews- XtremepowerUS Automatic Suction Vacuum-generic Climb Wall Pool Cleaner – 75037

XtremepowerUS Automatic Suction Vacuum-generic Climb Wall Pool Cleaner - 75037
Pressure Side Pool Cleaners reviews

The good news on this pressure side pool cleaner is it doesn’t need any tools or electricity to set up. It does need a 1 hp swimming pool pump tho to work well. If you try a smaller pump it just will not work right. You get 10 hoses a total of 30 feet included. But they seem to be a little too stiff and heavy for this cleaner to work correctly when you put them on. You can use a lighter hose and you’ll get much better results. You’ll end up paying extra for it tho.

It does climbs walls and moves at a fairly good pace of 8-10 feet per minute. It also has pretty good suction, and generally works fine until it breaks down. I believe the construction of this cleaner is very cheap. It breaks after only one season of working. If you are a person who can buy something and use it for a year and throw it away this is for you. The price is low enough to allow you to do this. Otherwise I advise you not to get this as customer service is terrible. If you want a pressure side pool cleaner that is better check out the Polaris Vac-Sweep 360 Pressure Side Pool Cleaner.


  • Good suction
  • Works well for about a year


  • Cheap construction
  • Requires 1 hp pool pump
  • Included hose is too stiff
  • Customer service is terrible

Why Should You Use A Pressure Side Pool Cleaner.

The big difference when using a pressure side pool cleaner is that it clarifies the water as it cleans. You won’t see this function on a suction cleaner. Some robotic cleaners do have the ability but you’ll find them way more expensive.

These types of cleaners are the most energy-demanding. When running an additional booster pump for your pressure cleaner, it will create a more significant energy draw. But where they excel is truly cleaning your pool. They filter everything from the finest dirt to large debris. And operating fast when you want your pool cleaned. They are the perfect thing to have on hand if you need the pool cleaned in a hurry.

What Do You Want To Look For In A Pressure Side Pool Cleaner.

If you already know what type to look for it will narrow down your options. But it will not help you measure the features that make or break a product. So for that reason let’s go over some of the things you need to know when looking for the perfect pressure side cleaner.

Will It Be Suitable For Your Pool Size.

Be sure it’s capable of reaching every spot of your pool before investing in a pressure side pool cleaner. The important thing to look at is the hose. It has to be long enough to reach every surface in your pool. Even down to the very bottom of the deep end. Make sure you pick the right model for your pool. Some models are designed specifically for above ground pools and also in-ground pools. If you don’t pick the right one it’s going to be inefficient.

How Efficient And Fast Does It Clean.

When it comes down to cleaning not all pool cleaners are created equal. Watch for just how effective and fast it will be at keeping your pool clean. Your looking for a cleaner that’s capable of scaling stairs and walls. And smart enough to avoid getting stuck in dead ends of your pool. If you buy one of these you’ll end up manually cleaning those areas. Defeating the whole purpose of buying a pressure side pool cleaner.

The Cost Of Running A Pressure Side Pool Cleaner.

Your monthly electric bill will increase after you install a second booster pump to power the pressure side cleaner. And you’ll find side pressure cleaners have the highest ongoing costs. But you also have to take in consideration they are incredibly effective. Just think if you had to pay to have it cleaned. And then could not use it because the pool man did not show up on time. You could get one that works with your existing return system. That would make it more energy efficient. But this comes with a tradeoff. Less energy use means lower pressure. And that will make it a more laborious task to clean your pool.

Let’s Look At The Difficulty Of Installation/Setup.

In under an hour most pressure side cleaners can be successfully installed. The tricky part is going to be the booster pump. Some people won’t feel comfortable installing this. If this is you I recommend hiring an expert to set it up for you. Next consider if the cleaner comes will all the extras you need to clean the pool. It’s very important you know what you need before you buy.

Just How Long Will A Pressure Side Cleaner Last.

If you buy a good one expect to pay a lot. A quality pressure side pool cleaner is not cheap. They are a very unique product. Designed to stand up to the harsh UV rays of sun. And if you buy a quality one it will to continue to operate underwater for many years successfully. You’ll soon find out that the cheaper models aren’t always worth the price. Some will only last a season or less. Invest in a premium product made with good materials and you can expect it to last for several years. Many people have had their pressure side pool cleaners for 8 to 10 years with the right maintenance.

A Pressure Side Cleaner Warranties.

Warranties are a huge question mark for pool equipment of all kinds. Read the warranties and keep all your receipts, whether you buy online or at a local swimming pool store. Read the reviews and see how others who had to use the warranties made out. You can find a lot of information just by reading the reviews.

Shipping A Pressure Side Cleaner.

Shipping is an expense that many assume you won’t have to pay if the purchase is over a certain amount. Many times that’s true. But always double check. You don’t want to waste all that time finding the perfect price only to find out in the end you have to pay shipping.


The pressure side pool cleaner reviews are available to help customers like you decide which is the best product that you should buy. And also to make sure you don’t waste your money on a product that won’t work for you. In this review you’ll find some are worth your time and effort. Others in my opinion are not.

After reviewing the top pressure cleaners in the market, the clear winner is the Polaris Vac-Sweep 360. It is one of the highest performing pressure cleaners. It’s also quiet, you’ll hardly even notice when it’s running. It won’t get stuck in the deep end of your pool like so many others. It also backs up nicely and manages to get the job done in a matter of hours. Plus, it’s simple to install. Equipment that works dependably is worth the price, and this one definitely is.

The spot for best for the money goes to the XtremepowerUS 75037. Until it breaks down it will do a decent job of cleaning your pool. Think of this pressure side pool cleaner as you would a disposable razor. You will have to replace it every year if not sooner. But given the low price you might want to give it a try.

Hopefully, Pressure Side Pool Cleaners Reviews have given you the kind of useful information you need to make a good decision. Keep them close at hand as you decide.

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