2020 Review on Husqvarna Chainsaws

2019 Review on Husqvarna Chainsaws

Where can I buy a husqvarna chainsaw? So your looking to buy a Husqvarna chainsaw. But haven’t made up your mind which one is right for you. This 2020 review will help you pick out the best husqvarna chainsaw model for you. There are many chainsaw brands to choose from, but none has the solid history and reputation of Husqvarna. And there’s a reason they have survived so long – they make quality products. In 2014 Husqvarna was listed as one of the world’s 100 most sustainable companies.

Whether you’re a seasoned logger or just someone who needs to cut down a tree and wanting a dependable chainsaw you’ve come to the right place. A husky chainsaw is always a great tool to add to your toolbox. A Swedish power tool manufacturer Husqvarna is the largest power tool manufacturer in the world and has been in business for more than three centuries now. Husqvarna is one of the industry leaders in the manufacture and distribution of various types of husqvarna chainsaws.

The company makes all types of chainsaws, gas-powered, electric and battery-powered models. With such a large assortment to choose from you’ll have no problem finding just the perfect one for you. Domestic or commercial they have them all.

So now let’s take a look at just what a Professional Chainsaw is and if this is what you’re looking to buy.

What’s a Professional Chainsaw?

If your day to day work requires a lot of chainsaw cutting, then you should look into getting yourself a professional chainsaw. These chainsaws are specially designed and manufactured for individuals handling gruesome chainsaw intensive tasks on a day to day basis. These professional chainsaws not only have the durability, and capability but also the power to complete the most challenging cutting job you have at hand.

If this is what your looking for, look for a husqvarna chainsaw that comes equipped with unique design features that ideally will make your work, much easier.

So what are these ideal features that make this machine special for professional use?

  1. A higher performance engine to tackle more challenging cutting tasks.
  2. More balanced to accommodate those long user periods while enhancing your stability and evenness during use.
  3. Easily dismantled and reassembled for repairs. This is
    not featured in other chainsaws that are not Professional Chainsaws.
  4. These Professional Chainsaws boasts of higher performance to weight ratios making it more portable while attaining higher cutting capacities.

The Husqvarna 460 Rancher, 24 in. 60.3cc 2-Cycle Gas Chainsaw is one that fits the bill. It has a 24-inch bar, and a 21-pound chain saw unit. It should be used for those larger logging works as it requires more strength and expertise to operate. Because this unit has a two cycle engine producing 3.62HP 60cc. it should provide efficient chain moving power for your tasks if provided with the right fuel to oil ratio. Be aware not using the right fuel to oil ratio you could cause irreparable damage to the chainsaw.

The ergonomic design incorporates the side mounted chain tensioner providing easy access for chain tension adjustment.

LowVid tech will reduce the overall tool vibration during use and the air purge smart makes it faster while needing less work to start.

Also this husqvarna chainsaw is equipped with an X-Torq engine, you can expect lower fuel consumption, lower emission and higher torques provided, plus the wider rpm ranges.

The inertia activated chain brake automatically activates during kick back, i.e. when there’s a quick upward motion of the chain. This is a much-needed safety feature provided by this tool.

Highlighted Features:

  1. Smart Start, Air Injection, LowVib and combined choke/stop control
  2. Side mounted chain tensioner for easy access
  3. Two cycle engine, 3.62HP 60CC
  4. Air purge Smart Start provides easy starting
  5. Ergonomically designed; Inertia activated chain brake and LowVib features
  6. X-Torq engine

The Right Size Chainsaw For You?

I’ve talked a little about the professional husqvarna chainsaw and recommended one above but just how do you determine the right size husky chainsaw for you? Part of the process of buying the very best husqvarna chainsaw for your needs involves determining the right size for you.

You want to consider the husqvarna chainsaw size-guide bar length. The size – guide bar length – directly determines the type of jobs you can do with your chainsaw. In other words, the saw size represents the largest size/length of wood or the active cutting area of your saw it can successfully cut in one pass.

It’s not hard to figure it out if your an experienced chainsaw user. On the other hand if you don’t have a clue what size you need check out the following guide I provided for you to help you determine the correct saw size for your needs.

For determining the right husqvarna chainsaw size for you lets take a look at the kind of work you plan on doing with your brand new husqvarna chainsaw. This is the key to determining the size you should buy. The size of your chainsaw can limit what you cut with it. So with that said let’s check out some of the different kinds of jobs you might be doing with this husqvarna chainsaw and the ideal husky chainsaw size for handling them…

Light Jobs

If you just need a chainsaw for general maintenance or doing small jobs like pruning shrubs and trees you want to look at a cutting bar measuring around 14 inches and below. The light use chainsaws are great for handling such jobs. All the husqvarna chainsaw models that fall under this sizing category are extremely easy to use and are recommended for beginners and women as they are light weight also. They’re one of the safest models you can buy on the market. Most of them are electric-powered.

Moderate Jobs

If you plan to use your new chainsaw for jobs that are more moderate than the light jobs I’ve previously talked about, than this is your part. You should think about husqvarna saws with a cutting bar of either 16- or 18-inches. Husqvarna models that come with such a cutting bar size are highly versatile and are usually regarded as general purpose machines. They’re ideal for homeowners who plan to cut through thick tree branches as well as logs.

With these models you’ll fine a few are electrically powered but most will be gas powered. So if you’re looking to cut down medium size trees,cut shrubs, saw medium firewood,and other similar tasks,a chainsaw size 16- or 18-inches will more than meet your needs. Husqvarna chainsaw prices are very reasonable Check Them Out Now

Heavy Duty Use

If you plan on using your husqvarna chainsaw for longer periods of time, and cut down bigger trees then you’ll need a cutting bar measuring over 18 inches. They’re designed to cut through large diameter wood- like thick tree trunks. These are the biggest chainsaw models available.

While the majority of homeowners will not need to use such a chainsaw, those who live in rural areas where they perform heavy duty cutting as part of property maintenance might want to consider these chainsaws.

Overall, chainsaws with over 18 inches guide bar length aren’t easy to handle; they’re best suited for professional and commercial use. For the best deals on husqvarna chainsaws Go Here

Chainsaw Maintenance:What You Should Know

A husqvarna saw is a brilliant modernization that is improving every year. It can save you a lot of time at your job site or at home. It’s a handy tool to have to easily get rid of unwanted trees, tree branches and cut firewood quickly.

So for that reason you want to keep your new husqvarna chainsaw in excellent working condition. If done right it won’t take long. And by doing routine maintenance, and sharpening the chain when required, you will not only be increasing the lifespan of your new saw but also making it easier to use. Husqvarna Chainsaws For Sale Online

Check The Air Filter

Let’s take a look at checking the air filter. You don’t want your chainsaw air filter to become clogged. If it does get clogged your saw will be forced to work a lot harder than normal. And the harder it works, the more it will overheat. Which is not good. So for this reason alone your air filter MUST be clean at all times! It is recommended if your working in a dusty environment that you to check the air filter regularly and when your finished with that job.

You’ll find some air filters can be easily cleaned while others need to be replaced. Check with your local saw dealer if you don’t know the style of filter that comes with your saw and need help.Maintaining a clean air filter insures your husqvarna chainsaw will have a steady air flow and thus experience not only the correct combustion but the cooling of the engine as well.

Now let’s take a look at Lubrication.

Lubrication is very important also necessary. Every chainsaw has to fight the frictional force and the husqvarna chainsaw is no different. The frictional force is notorious for affecting the saw productivity. But by lubricating your saw regularly you can counter the effects. By using enough lubrication will ensure that your machine runs smoothly during the entire working period. Keep in mind if in the middle of your job you chainsaw quits all of a sudden, it might be a sign that it’s not well lubricated.

It is always a good idea to check to see if your saw is well lubricated before you begin. All you have to do is place your saw on newspaper or a clean spot on the ground in an upright position and run the chain. If you don’t see a trail of the lubricating oil,it desperately needs a dose of lubrication. If you do see the oil your machine is ready to go. Oil For Husqvarna Check It Out!

Sharpen The Saw

Sooner or later you will have to Sharpen the Saw. Brand new out of the box the chainsaw blades are very sharp. You’ll be able to tell how easily and fast they slice through wood. So now your wondering just how to tell when it’s time to sharpen your blade.

It’s quite simple… When cutting, you’ll only need to apply a small amount of pressure on your chainsaw to make it cut thru the tree. That’s a sharp chain- it will dig in and cut with little pressure. The opposite happens for a dull chain. You’ll have to put in a lot of pushing down on your saw for it to do some cutting. When you notice this, grab a Husqvarna SharpForce Chain Sharpener ASAP and sharpen the saw for better performance.

Top Chainsaw Killers

Did you know that sand and dirt are some of the top chainsaw killers? So for that reason alone you should never run your chainsaw into Dirt.

Chainsaw users should be real careful not to run a moving chain into ground. Let’s say you have a small tree you want to remove. I would advise before you begin cutting to dig around the tree base till the trunk of the tree is at or below the ground level.So when you start cutting the saw bar will not come into contact with dirt.

Also when cutting a tree limb, ensure the limb is well supported off the surface on either side to prevent your chain from dipping into the dirt at the completion of the cut. You only want to cut the size of limbs recommended by the manufacturer. If you try to cut limbs that are too big, you might damage your saw. Always consult your owner manual for specifications regarding the saw cutting size restrictions.

Chain Tension

You’ll also want to check your chain tension periodically. A loose chain can damage your sprocket or the chainsaw bar. Also a loose chainsaw bar could jump off the bar when the cutting tool is in use. A loose chain is a safety hazard. Always check the tension of your saw before you return it to casing for storage.

If you find it is loose,tighten it according to the owner’s specifications. And if using the chainsaw for large projects (those involving many cuts) shut down your chainsaw often and check the chain as well as other key components to make sure they are in good running condition. Check out some different styles of storage for your brand new husqvarna saw.

Petrol-to-oil Mixture

Always use the correct Petrol-to-oil mixture for your husqvarna chain saw.
A chainsaw runs on a blend of two-cycle oil and petrol. Different manufacturers will use different mixing specifications, depending on your chainsaw engine design. The standard ratio is 40-to-1 petrol-to-two-cycle mixture but make sure you check the specification for your particular saw before you attempt to refill the oil tank.
Buy Some Here: Husqvarna XP 2 Stroke Oil 2.6 oz. Bottle 6-Pack

Husqvarna XP 2 Stroke Oil 2.6 oz. Bottle 6-Pack

Husqvarna XP 2 Stroke Oil 2.6 oz. Bottle 6-Pack

Check For Loose Components

Check for the loose components after every job. Because chainsaws operate at extremely high r.p.m, with significant vibrations, its fasteners and screws are likely to loosen with time. At the end of the day, therefore, fasten all the attachments that might have become loose.

Lose fasteners/screws are likely to cause damage due to the vibration and rubbing.Pay particular attention to your chain break bar before the top chainsaw handle. This particular component needs to be correctly attached to keep you safe when running the saw.

Replace Your Chain Once A Year

If you’re running a husky chainsaw with worn-out chain, you’re placing an unnecessary burden on the machine engine. A dull chain will not cut according to your expectation and is only good at overheating the motor, chain, and bar. Performing a chain replacement once every year ensures that your cutting tool is always at its peak regarding performance (not forgetting that you’re also extending its durability). Pick Up A Spare Chain Today

Husqvarna Chains
Husqvarna Chains

Final Thoughts

These are the most valuable tips on how to maintain your chainsaw you’ll ever find. Maintaining your chainsaw is the key to making it perform excellently and serve you for a long time. As you have seen, the maintenance is as easy as pie. You don’t need to possess any mechanical skills to carry out different maintenance and repair tasks on your cutting machine. Whether you’re a heavy, medium or light chainsaw user, the above tips will help you keep your cutting machine at it’s best.

Now your ready to check out a few of the Husqvarna Chainsaws

Husqvarna 460 Rancher, 24 in. 60.3cc 2-Cycle Gas Chainsaw

X-TORQ – You’ll get lower fuel consumption and reduced exhaust emission levels with this one.

SMART START – The engine and starter have been designed so the machine starts quickly with minimum effort

Product Description
Style:24 in. – .058 in. Gauge
A robust all round chainsaw, ideal for demanding cutting jobs where more power is required for a longer guide bar. Equipped with X-Torq engine with high torque over a wide rpm range.

This saw’s body is ergonomically designed to allow for simple handling of the saw’s power. More options include Smart Start, Air Injection, LowVib and combined choke/stop management. Air purge – removes air from
carburetor and fuel system for starting very easy and quick.

The 460’s engine has a three-piece crankshaft, that has been factory-made for optimum durability. The centrifugal air cleaning system removes harmful debris before they reach the air filter, and the quick-release air filter makes changing it a breeze.

Husqvarna’s Smart Start (r) technology reduces resistance within the starter cord by up to forty percent for a fast start with a little amount of effort. For starting a warm engine, Husqvarna provides two neat features: a decompression valve that releases pressure on the cylinder and makes starting your saw easier, additionally they made an air purge diaphragm to avoid air lock. Interestingly enough, the 3.62 HP 460 Rancher is also more economical in terms of fuel use.


The top selling point for this saw is Husqvarna’s reputation for quality.If you check it out on amazon you’ll find 70% of the reviews give it 5 stars and 16% more giving it 4 stars. That’s a lot of happy customers who ended up buying this model and a very impressive record. The 460 Husqvarna is more for the occasional user, and should fit the needs of ranchers,farmers, and even part-time sawyers.

So the question here is do you buy the Husqvarna’s 20″ inch or the 24″ bar. You need to ask yourself what will you be using the saw for. You’ll probably only use the 24″ inch bar if you plan to cut down large diameter logs. Also if your a non-professional a longer bar is unlikely to be needed. After reading over the reviews some felt they got better performance with a 20″ blade. Let’s note here that it is, easy to change a different size bar to the saw.

As far as I can tell there aren’t many faults with this model. The weight of this saw might be an issue if your small in stature,and not very strong. If this is you, you might find this model will become heavy or difficult to manage after using it for awhile.

The most complaints were about people forgetting to release the chain brake before taking off the clutch cover. But that is covered in the manual so it really isn’t a fault of the saw. Also that the chain oiler sometimes leaked when the saw was stored.These are really inconsequential problems.

So that being said the Husqvarna 460 Rancher will give you a lot of years of good service and is a very good investment if you need not only a reliable, but powerful saw for light or heavy cleanup and cutting firewood. Your only a step away from the best deals on husqvarna chainsaws.

Some Thoughts From Happy Customers Who Bought The Husky 460 chainsaw

  1. Fantastic chain saw. The pros on this saw far outweigh the cons!
  2. Real upgrade on poulan pro 42cc
  3. This saw is one bad mother. I had the bar almost buried in a 22″ oak trunk and it ate through it in no time at all without even bogging.
  4. Works as well or better than a Stihl at less than half the price.

2. Husqvarna 450 18-Inch 50.2cc X-Torq 2-Cycle Gas Powered Chain Saw With Smart Start

The Husky 450 Chainsaw is a great choice for the homeowner looking for a powerful, quality saw that can handle everything you’re likely to throw at it. It’s designed for the more casual user but still comes with enough power and a robust build to make it suitable for lighter use by a professional.

The 450 is in the middle of their range of ‘All-round’ saws that are marketed as being very easy to start and handle, and being lightweight and efficient. We’re going to take a good look at the features and performance of this 20-inch chainsaw to find out if it lives up to that promise.

How Easy Is It To Put Together?

If you buy this model from most retailers, including Amazon, it comes fully assembled, so all you will need to do is put fuel and oil in it, check the chain tension and start using it. There are instructions in the manual that comes with the saw but many reviews complain that the way they are laid out makes it difficult to follow. We recommend checking out the Husqvarna videos on getting started with your new chainsaw for the best advice.


  • Excellent performance on even hardwood
  • More efficient engine means lower exhaust issues
  • A snap to use


  • Owners manual a tricky read
  • Occasional lemons from factory
  • Hard To Start

Some thoughts from happy customer who bought the Husky 450 chainsaw: Husqvarna chainsaw offers Great Value

  1. I’ve only had it for a day but it started right up and runs strong.
  2. This is what I have to say about the Husqvarna 450:It is perfect. PERFECT!
  3. This model isn’t a professional model but for the work as a homeowner on over 5 acres of woodland this saw is perfect.
  4. It’s a hell of a saw and definitely glad I made this buy. It’s been put to work and has yet to let me down.
  5. Shipping was on time and very well packed. And as for the product, it runs super, has plenty of power for its 18″ bar and I’ve gotten much more done than expected with it already

Husqvarna 455, 20 in. 55.5cc 2-Cycle Gas Chainsaw

It’s no accident that the Husqvarna 455 Rancher is a perfect chainsaw for homeowners and farmers Husqvarna has designed The Husqvarna 455 Rancher that way. It’s relatively lightweight and easy to start.

It not only has a powerful 55.5cc engine with a 20″ bar but also comes with an excellent inertia brake to prevent kickback. Also it has a very good anti-vibration technology that prevents fatigue and allows you to be far more comfortable when working. You won’t see these high quality features when looking at buying a cheap chainsaw.

The Husqvarna 455 Rancher can be considered at the high-end of consumer chainsaws. A professional-grade chainsaw capable of handling almost anything you throw at it either on the farm or at your home. Just right for the casual weekend warrior or just landowners who need a heavy-duty chainsaw for a wide variety of tasks.

You’ll find when you buy one of these that the Husqvarna Rancher 455 is packed full of features to make your life so much easier. Just like all the Husqvarna chainsaws, it uses the proprietary X-Torq engine, which has reduced emissions, good fuel economy, providing you with a refined and efficient cutting experience.


  1. Quick cutting. Easy to use & maintain.
  2. Powerful.
  3. Quick cutting.
  4. The chain brake is sensitive.
  5. Easy access to chain tensioner.
  6. Reduced vibration minimizes fatigue.


  1. It’s fairly heavy.
  2. Loud.

Some thoughts from happy customer who bought the Husky 455 chainsaw

  1. Great Saw! STARTS EASY! RIPS GOOD! I like this thing, although I’m only about 4-5 tankfuls of gas into run-time I am impressed.
  2. This is not a top end saw however it performs very well.
  3. Regularly starts on the 2nd or third pull now when cold.
  4. It seems to me that the Husqvarna is easier to start, has fewer problems and is
  5. less expensive than the Stihl. Best deals on husqvarna chainsaws.

Husqvarna 120i, 14 in. 40-Volt Cordless Chainsaw (Battery included)

Save Mode

Save mode allows you to maximize your run time by allowing the motor to work more efficiently Brushless electric motor has an innovative design to deliver high efficiency and maximizes run time while extending life of the tool 14-In. Bar and chain optimized for powerful cutting Performance. Sound power level, guaranteed (LWA) 101 dB(A). Recommended bar length, max 14 inches Intuitive key pad for simple operation and soft grip handle for additional user comfort Ideal for pruning, cutting branches and felling smaller trees and comes with a 2-year Warranty

Pro Performance, No Gas Required

If you want a quiet, exhaust-free, gasoline-free solution for outdoor power equipment, then the Husqvarna Battery Series is your answer. This complete system of convenient, easy-to-use, low maintenance battery powered handheld equipment offers the same superior performance and reliability as our gas-powered units.

Battery Powered Saws

Husqvarna battery powered chainsaws are powerful and quiet, available in versions for professional tree care use and arborists, as as for carpentry and domestic woodcutting. The powerful brushless motors, high chain speed and convenient handling make them excellent alternatives to gas chainsaws. Battery pole saws are lightweight and designed for superior reach and balance. The inertia-balancing wheel reduces vibration, minimizing operator fatigue and providing exceptional cutting performance.

Smart And Intuitive

The battery machines are operated using an interactive keypad. You start and stop the machines easily by pushing a button. Lets you work longer. When conditions aren’t on the tough side, choose the SavETM mode on the intuitive keypad for maximised run time with great results.

Working Nine To Five. Working with battery-driven outdoor products does not mean you’ll have to compromise on runtime. A single charge of the powerful 36V Li-ion battery allows you to work approximately as long as you would on one tank of gas*. Since the charging time is shorter than the usual working time, having an extra battery will enable you to work non-stop. *Fuel usage varies depending on application. Estimated work time of one battery is similar to one tank of gas.

Like Money In The Bank. The initial cost investment of a battery powered handheld from Husqvarna may be higher than the gas-fuelled equivalent. But the savings from the gas you’ll never have to buy will soon outweigh that first cost. Furthermore, the lifetime is as long as that of gas-driven products, but there are fewer parts to be served and the electronically-controlled drive system means less downtime and low operational costs. In the long run, a battery powered electric cordless product can be a real money saver.

It’s Not The Size – It’s The Power That Matters

Don’t be fooled by the small size of the electric motor. Our Husqvarna-developed, brushless motors deliver full torque at low revs, and 25% higher efficiency than a standard brush motor. Whether you’re using a weed trimmer do cut high, thick and wet grass, or using a chainsaw to do limbing or wood cutting, our battery powered equipment gives you higher and more consistent torque. The Husqvarna Battery Series offers a unique combination of performance and durability, and the best part is they are completely maintenance and emissions free.

Low Noise + Low Weight + Less Vibration = More Comfort

Low Noise + Low Weight + Less Vibration = More Comfort Ergonomic design features make the Husqvarna Battery Series a great choice for long hours of demanding work. Battery power dramatically reduces vibrations, which in turn reduces the strain on your shoulders, arms and wrists. Our handles are placed close to the center of gravity creating a perfectly balanced machine that’s more comfortable to use for hours on end. When working with our battery powered electric cordless handhelds, you’ll not only appreciate the lack of vibration, you’ll also experience the relief of working with almost silent motors. No noise. No fumes. No problems.

One Battery Fits All

The Husqvarna Battery Series is powered by a 36-volt lithium-ion, high-performance battery that is not only extremely durable, but is also interchangeable between all handhelds. This allows you to quickly switch the same battery between your weed trimmer, blower, chainsaw and hedge trimmer without missing a beat – or stopping to re-fuel. The short charging time is another big advantage. A completely discharged lithium-ion battery takes as little as 35 minutes to charge 80%. Downtime is further reduced by our comfortable backpack batteries that provide up to 10 hours of runtime between charges. Our battery powered solutions are taking productivity and performance to a whole new level.

Product Description

Lightweight, easy to use battery chainsaw ideal for felling small trees and pruning or cutting small branches. Features an intuitive keypad for safe, convenient starting, while the inertia chain brake ensures trouble-free handling. Brushless motor with savE™ mode for reliable performance and longer running time, no direct emissions, while low noise levels allow you to work in residential areas without disturbing the neighbors.


  1. Lightweight
  2. Automatic, adjustable lubrication system
  3. Tool-less chain tensioning
  4. Large oil reservoir
  5. Good battery and brushless motor


  1. Charge time not as fast as some other products.

Some thoughts from happy customer who bought the
Husqvarna 120i, 14 in. 40-Volt Cordless Chainsaw

  1. I’ve had this saw about a month and I’m happy with it so far.
  2. The setup took about ten minutes, nine of which were spent glancing at the manual. The tenth minute was spent pouring chain oil into the reservoir and inserting the battery.
  3. This is a very decent little chainsaw.
  4. Great replacement for small gas saws
  5. This is the perfect chainsaw for a homeowner with small trimming chores. Husqvarna chainsaws for sale online at amazon.com

Husqvarna 440 Rancher, 16 in. 40.9cc 2-Cycle Gas Chainsaw

If your looking for a chainsaw to do some light work, then the Husqvarna 440 Rancher, 16 in. 40.9cc 2-Cycle Gas Chainsaw will do that with considerable ease. Let’s say you want to prune a tree or get rid of light growth, then this one will certainly do the trick.Even if you have heavier growth,heavier cuts and logs it will take care of that also.

With this saw you get powerful, yet light enough to be able to manoeuvre with some ease. You’ll find it very portable and light in weight. It is really nice to handle and well designed.One thing that a lot of buyers commented on is the low vibration from the motor. It has a nice slim body, when compared to others, and the flat underside of this model gives it a really good balance in the hand.

If I had to find one thing I did not like about this saw it would be if you set it down in the middle of the job, it cools down so fast that you’ll find yourself having to restart the saw again. That being said this saw is about as close to perfect a mid-range chainsaw as a homeowner is going to find on the market today. It’s not only dependable but safe and easy on the user. Keep the chain sharp and you won’t have any problems. Cost wise it’s definitely not the least expensive saw available, but it does so well that it’s still a great value for the price. Husqvarna has a reputation for making great chainsaws, and this one might be its best all-around one. If you have to get by with just one saw, this one is a serious contender.


  1. Safe to use
  2. Great all-around saw
  3. Great value-for-dollar


  1. Engine doesn’t stay warm between uses.

Some thoughts from happy customer who bought the Husky 440 chainsaw

  1. Clean Cut, Light weight This little saw knocks them dead! Cuts dead and down as well as live limbs like a hot knife thru butter.
  2. Love this saw, starts easy after it’s warmed up just one pull and it’s on
  3. it’s way, for now I’ve been using the premixed fuel. Saw has plenty of power for my needs
  4. Really easy to start. Cuts like a champ. I sell firewood and this is my go-to saw.
  5. Great saw with a ton of power for it’s size!


Only the best deals on husqvarna chainsaws can be found on amazon.com So there you have it now it’s your time to choose just which Husqvarn chainsaw is right for you.

protection plan
protection plan

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