2019 Review On Husqvarna Leading String Trimmers Wackers

2019 review on husqvarna leading string trimmers|Trimmers|WACKER
2019 Review On The Best Husqvarna Trimmers

We all love weed trimming our yard, well maybe not all of us. Most people find doing yard work a big pain in the butt. It’s a job that needs to be done if you want a nice looking lawn. That’s why I’m going to review some Husqvarna Leading String Trimmers|Wackers to make it easier for you to see just which one is for you. When I’m done it will be a lot simpler for you to go out and purchase just the right husqvarna string trimmer for you.

Now, there aren’t just a couple Husqvarna string trimmers models, there is a big variety of weed trimming tools and I am only going to look at the Husqvarna string trimmer models. At this time husqvarna has about 20 weed whacking models to choose from. I know that it might seem mind-boggling to pick just one, but Husqvarna has split them into categories by your needs and skill.

Here are the categories: Occasional use, Versatile use, and Professional use. For now I’m only going to review the occasional use and the versatile use and save the professional use for another time. You’ll now be able to choose the husqvarna weed wacker by the category which shows you how much you have to use the trimmer and how skilled you are with it. The reason this is so great is you really don’t want or need to get a Husqvarna line trimmer for professionals if you haven’t held a trimmer once in your life.

I picked out some of the leading husqvarna string trimmers to show you. After checking out my husqvarna leading string trimmers review I feel confident you’ll be able to pick just the right one that suits you best.

  1. Smart From The Start:

On their gas husky weed eaters the starter and engine you’ll be able to start with minimum effort. They will start quickly thanks to the unique Smart Start® function.

An auto return stop switch is also included in the husqvarna string trimmers. When you turn off your husky weed eater to take a break, the stop switch will automatically return to the start position. Makes for easier starting. Your husqvarna grass trimmer will be ready to go anytime you need to keep your lawn free of undesirable weeds and grass.

2. When Silence Is Golden:

If your top priority is keeping the noise level to a minimum husqvarna has got you covered with their eco friendly battery powered line trimmer, if this describes you it’s a great fit for you. You’ll also find the Husqvarna trimmers lightweight, balanced, quiet and easy-to-use.

These husqvarna weed trimmers are highly efficient and equipped with a very powerful 36V Li-ion battery pack. You’ll also find that in addition to reduced vibration, maintenance and noise, there are no emissions. When you own a husqvarna grass trimmer your operational costs are low compared to filling the tank with gas.

When you own a husqvarna grass trimmer your operational costs are low compared to filling the tank with gas.

3. A Versatile, Multi-Task Tool:

Husqvarna sells a range of combi weed trimmers that offer the versatility of up to eleven different professional grade attachments. So your looking at a remarkable tool in your hand with the “Click On” convenience. Using this “click on” your gas husqvarna string trimmer will now transform into a brushcutter, sweeper, edger, hedge trimmer, pole saw, tree pruner, or tiller with one base engine unit. When you own a husqvarna string trimmer you own a versatile tool that delivers reliable results all year around.


Why a gas powered weed eater is so great? To fully understand let’s break down the other options,like electric and battery operated. Then you can see for yourself which one is right for you.


An electric weed trimming device will probably be the first one you pick up to look at in a hardware store. Most of these are usually cheap and you will need to purchase a long extension cord to plug them in for them to work.
Usually the cord does not come with the weed whacking machine.

It’s good to point out here that beware you get what you pay for. Cheap is not always the best route to take. Plug-in electric weed eaters are cheap because they are not built to last. You must think ahead, you are already doing back breaking work and now you’ll also have the extra hassle of having to deal with a long cord.

Maybe you only have a very small yard and plan to use this weed eating machine only occasionally. You might even be thinking that for the small amount of work it’s worth the investment, but that is doubtful. The only thing these electric weed trimming devices have going for them is they tend to be lighter in weight, and therefore easier to use, but the good parts stop there.


I will get a battery powered weed eating machine. So let’s take a closer look at these. Battery powered weed eaters are a lot like their plug in counterparts. You’ll see they are easy to use around your yard, no cord trailing behind you and they are also some what lightweight. If your into the environment thing the battery powered electric trimmers produce zero emissions. That makes a battery powered electric grass trimmer very good for the environment.

Your main worry about owning a battery powered grass trimmer is the charge in the battery dying a lot. The cost of owning a battery powered grass trimmer is relatively cheap. So the chances of a dead battery making it half way through your yard is very likely.

On the other hand these batteries are rechargeable and if you didn’t want to wait for it to recharge you can always decide to buy a second battery. But if it was me I would think about putting that extra money into buying a much better gas trimmer.

  • Gas Weed Eaters

Ok lets now take a look at the gas weed eater which in my opinion is the best of the three options. Remember up above I said that beware you get what you pay for? The best gas trimmer will be a big investment. Husqvarna Trimmers are the best and if you buy one you may even end up actually wanting to do yard work well maybe.

Husqvarna gas powered weed eater is more of a heavy duty. Which means they aren’t lightweight. More powerful and cut more than basic electric trimmers. Limited cord length is not a problem. And they can also hold more cutting string than a electric weed whacker.
Husqvarna OEM String Trimmer Line String 5lbs Spool .095″ 1427′ 639005109

When you start looking at a Husqvarna gas powered weed eater you’ll notice why they are better than an electric one. You’ll find that using a gas trimmer will last for as long as a tank of gas lasts, as does the power. Which is so much longer than an battery powered or electric trimmer.

The downside to owning a Husqvarna gas powered weed eater. Would be that being gas it will be a lot heavier and a lot noisier than owning an electric one. And you may also need to take breaks when using.Also not that great for the environment, but when choosing your best option you have to give a little and take a little.

Features Of Great Trimmers & Things To Look For

  1. PRICE:

Depending on which trimmer you want prices for weed eaters are going to vary. If your looking to buy the best weeder on the market you’ll have to be willing to spend more money. If your looking to spend between $40 to under $100 you’ll be looking at the electric models. You’ll end up with one but the weed eater will not be a decent one.

The best gas powered weed eater are more expensive and range over $200. You will find in the long run that it’s worth it. As a nice gas trimmer will last you at least ten years or more.

Some of the gas Husqvarna Trimmers come with some pretty nice features if you’re willing to pay for it. Because they are slightly heavier, it’s not unusual to find ones that have shoulder straps that would help you when using it.

Husqvarna 523048201 Balance XT Trimmer Harness

Instead of wire or plastic for the cutters some of them have blades, and a few even have double blades, making it easier for them to cut through resilient things. When checking them out you’ll find even more have speed changers so you can control how fast you want to be trimming based on what you are working on and where you are.

Lets not forget some have anti vibration handles or ergonomich handles to help reduce fatigue and add comfort. With husqvarna every year they listen to what buyers want and then make it happen.


Now lets take a look at where you can go to buy your new husqvarna grass trimmer. First place people go looking might be the hardware stores or big chain stores in your area. These places will have a limited supply and maybe two or three models on hand. With these you will have to depend on the store help to answer any questions you might have. So if you’re looking for the best shopping experience, I would recommend looking online. You will probably find a bigger variety with much lower prices. This route also allows you to study real customer reviews of each product so you can confidently buy the tool knowing what to expect.

So with that said let’s start reviewing husky trimmers!


1. Husqvarna Weed Wacker 128C, 128CD & 128L

The 128C is the basic model for this Husqvarna string trimmer and you’ll also find that it is almost identical to the 122C model. Husqvarna made this gas trimmer light and very easy to use. It’s a good fit for beginners. Husqvarna made different versions that have different engines and different designs. If you are looking at the 128C model you’ll find it has a special T25 bump trimmer head, a curved shaft and also an easily adjustable handle.

The 128CD model is their second version it also comes with the same engine and the same T25 trimmer head. But if you buy this one you’ll also be getting the Smart Start® feature which makes the trimmer run easily.

The 128L is the last model in this category and this trimmer is different from the above by the shape of the shaft. Husqvarna made the shafts on the last two husky trimmer models curved but with this one it comes with a straight shaft.

Husqvarna grass trimmer made with a straight shaft. Is for tricky yards that have hard to reach places and corners.

With these husqvarna string trimmers you’ll have a choice of the shape of the shafts or whether you want the Smart Start® feature.

They are light and easy to use, with a strong engine.

  • They are light and easy to use, with a strong engine.
  • You can choose to use straight or curved shaft.
  • Smart Start® Feature on some


  • It is for homeowners, not professional grade unit.

2. Husqvarna 129L, 17 in. 27cc 2-Cycle Gas Straight Shaft String Trimmer

Different versions with these also.

The 129C weed wacker comes with a 27cc engine and a curved shaft. It also comes with the Smart Start® feature so you know it’ll be real easy to start.

The 129L weed wacker comes with a straight shaft which you’ll find is more easier to control than the curved shaft. Everything else is about the same, including the Smart Start® feature and the 27cc engine.

The 129DJX weed wacker is their third option and also the most interesting of the two. The reason for this is the special feature which makes it really user-friendly. Husqvarna made this version with a removable head. This feature allows owners to remove the Husqvarna line trimmer head and put on other Husqvarna line trimmer attachments made for the DX series. So if your looking for a multi-tool week wacker this is the one for you.


  • It comes with both straight and curved trimmer.
  • The 129DJx version can use other Husqvarna weed eater attachments besides a trimmer.


  • The engine is slightly weaker than from the model above.
Husqvarna 967175201 Straight Shaft Gas String Trimmer, 23cc/322 L

Husqvarna 967175201 Straight Shaft Gas String Trimmer, 23cc/322 L

3. Husqvarna 967175201 Straight Shaft Gas String Trimmer, 23cc/322 L

The 332L is the last and you will be happy to hear that it doesn’t produce that much sound, well at least not as much as other gas trimmers, in this occasional use category. This model of the Husqvarna Weed Wackers is powered by the 23cc engine. Which you should only use if you plan on doing light trimming as it is the weakest in this category.

For better control it has a straight shaft so if you don’t have much experience in trimming your yard you might want to look at this one. Because it is a gas trimmer, you will be happy to know that it doesn’t make that much sound, well at least not as much as other gas trimmers. With this husqvarna string trimmer being as it is very light the engine doesn’t make that much noise so you won’t have to equip the trimmer with anti-vibration handles to reduce the fatigue in your hands.


  • light trimmer with almost no vibrations produced by the engine.
  • It comes with a straight shaft which is easier to control.


  • It has the weakest engine in the Husqvarna gas trimmer category.
Husqvarna 128LD, 28cc 2-cycle 17 in. Straight Shaft Gas String Trimmer
Husqvarna 128LD, 28cc 2-cycle 17 in. Straight Shaft Gas String Trimmer

4. Husqvarna 128LD, 28cc 2-cycle 17 in. Straight Shaft Gas String Trimmer

The 128LD is actually an upgraded 128 trimmer I have mentioned in the Husqvarna trimmer reviews for the Occasional Use category.

This husqvarna string trimmer because of its impressive performance in the yard and because it is also a lightweight model, you’ll see for yourself it is one of the most popular trimmers in this category. It comes with a 28cc engine, which is not all that much, but you’ll find it is more than enough for most homeowners.

This husky trimmer is equipped with the straight trimmer shaft. But as you can see you will be able to use it with other Husqvarna weed string attachments too and that is what makes it user-friendly and very popular.

The cutting line on the trimmer is 17“ which
is great because most trimmers in that category have smaller lines.


  • It has numerous great user-friendly features.
  • It is a trimmer that can easily transform into any other tool.


  • Not for beginners.

5. Husqvarna 129LK, 17 in. 27.6cc Gas Straight Shaft String Trimmer

The 129LK is another upgraded husqvarna string trimmer. Upgraded with a stronger motor and even more user-friendly features. It comes equipped with a 27cc engine and also has the straight shaft with the ability to replace with other attachments in their offer. 129LK can easily be equipped with a number of other pro-quality tools: blower, pole saw, cultivator, hedge trimmer & edger, just by changing the lower part of the shaft.

You can easily control the tool too because it has an ergonomic handle on the shaft which allows you to turn the tool in every direction you need. It is a great trimmer for homeowners who are serious about the appearance of their yards.


  • Powerful 27cc engine drives performance
  • Click-on attachments provide unmatched versatility
  • Smart start technology delivers trouble-free starting
  • Ergonomic design makes trimming comfortable
  • Auto stop return switch simplifies trimmer controls


  • Not for beginners.

Husqvarna 115iL 40-volt 14-in Straight Brushless Cordless String Trimmer (Bare Tool Only, Battery Not Included)

The 115IL is only for those who no matter what will not buy a gas weed wacker. This Husqvarna string trimmer is equipped with a brushless electric motor so you can expect good power and durability from it. The straight shaft is easy to control with the ergonomic handle and the fact that it is telescopic makes it easy to adjust to your height.

This Husqvarna weed eater comes with the 40V battery and the charger so you can start trimming the moment you get the trimmer and charge the battery. It is light, easy to use and silent, so you can use it wherever you want and wherever you want.



  • It is not that strong as the gas trimmers, but it gets the job done.

So there you have it take your time to check them out and see which one is right for you. You already know you want a Husqvarna weed wacker so now all that is left to decide is which one and I hope that by making this review I have been able to make that choice a little bit easier for you.

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