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If you live in South Florida or Southern California then you might not want to read this 2019 Review On Husqvarna Snow Blowers. You have no idea how easy you have it. You not only have a life without snow you don’t have to buy and maintain a snow blower otherwise known as snow throwers.

Winter should not tell you how to spend all your free time. If you live in a state that owning a snow thrower would be beneficial to you I’m guessing you have spent time looking at different types of snow throwers.

Out of all the companies that make different models of snow blowers Husqvarna in my opinion is the best one. They have been around a long time and they take pride in making long lasting, quality products. Long cold winters create time consuming hard work for many. Owning a Husqvarna Snow Blower will shorten the season. It will make snow removal so much faster and easier for you.

I’ve taken a look at some of their top sellers to provide you with list of best Husqvarna snow blowers below. So keep reading this 2019 Review On Husqvarna Snow Blowers to find out which one is best for you.

2019 Review On Husqvarna Snow Blowers-Husqvarna ST224P, 24 in. 208cc Two-Stage Gas Snow Blower with Power Steering and Electric Start

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Husqvarna ST224P, 24 in. 208cc Two-Stage Gas Snow Blower with Power Steering and Electric Start
2019 Review On Husqvarna Snow Blowers

The ST224 is a powerful machine. But when Husqvarna designed this the ST224P snow blower they took it to a higher level. They created a machine that can handle heavy snow, icy snow and more snow with ease. This model comes with adjustable skid shoes. This ensures you can move over any type of terrain. And still get a clear path down to concrete. Most two-stage blowers do not have this feature.

In the worst of weathers you’ll be able to keep moving with it’s 24 inch width and remote chute. You might be asking right now what is the difference between the ST224 and the ST224P. The answer is the snow intake capabilities. The 23 inch height housing may be the same. But the overall material differences and design is constructed to handle heavy to moderate snow to 18 inches in depth. Instead of the mere 12 inches of the ST224.

I’d like to mention here that there are many areas that never see this much snow at any given time. But with the added power capabilities you’ll be able to cut through ice, pellet, and slushy type conditions much easier.


  • Drive System: 7 gear
  • 208cc Husqvarna Engine Size
  • 24-Inch Two Stage; Horsepower – 6.3 hp
  • Clearance width/height: 24 inch x 18+ inch
  • Remote Chute Deflector/Remote Chute Rotator
  • 3 Year Limited Warranty and 5 Year Engine Warranty
  • Electric Start. Gross torque: 9.5 pounds-feet, cylinder displacement: 12.69 cubic inch


  • Works well on wet, icy snow with ease
  • Runs smoothly and starts very easily
  • Powerful traction and gears


  • Belt could be better but easy to repair
  • Seems to go through oil quickly

Reviews From People Who Purchased:

  • Great Snowblower from a Great Company
  • Outstanding snowblower
  • Dream machine


If you live in an area with mixed winter weather and heavy snowfall and you need to clear large areas you may want to consider this design. This Husqvarna ST224P offers adjustable handlebars for any size user. And is built to handle heavy use in poor conditions.

2019 Review On Husqvarna Snow Blowers-Husqvarna Outdoor Power Equipment ST327P

2019 Review On Husqvarna Snow Blowers

The ST327P is one of the largest models currently offered by Husqvarna. This is an impressive snow blower comes with a 291cc engine. With an engine like this you can just about take care of anything short of solid ice. The massive 23 inch housing and 27 inch working width can eat through, up to 2 feet of snow at a time. Comes also with a 14 inch serrated steel ribbon auger. It is one of the largest in the industry. Combined with a gearbox and a cast iron impeller you know you have a reliable product in your hands.

You’ll get great traction with these 15 inch tires. The headlights will allow you to work at night in any condition. Furthermore due to improved maneuverability because of the power steering and hydrostatic drive system you’ll the job done easily and efficiently. I would like to add having the heated grips and easy electric start is a plus also.


  • Motor Size: 291cc
  • Clearance width/height: 27 inch x 23 inch
  • Drive System: Hydrostatic
  • Warranty: 5 years


  • Good customer service that steps in to help
  • Despite its size it’s easy to maneuver
  • Good on gravel too


  • The throwing distance is short for a powerful machine like this
  • Belt is a wear item

Reviews From People Who Purchased:

  • It really works fast, and contractors use it too.
  • Awesome snowblower!
  • So Easy, Even A 10 Year Old Can Do It!


If you live in a state with seriously adverse winter weather than you should look at the heavy duty ST327P. Excellent choice for either regular heavy usage or professional business. I’d like to mention also it is easy to control and handle no matter what your size is.

2019 Review On Husqvarna Snow Blowers- Husqvarna Outdoor Power Equipment ST227P 27 In. Snow Blower

Husqvarna  Outdoor Power Equipment ST227P 27 In. Snow Blower
2019 Review On Husqvarna Snow Blowers

The ST227P has a huge 254cc engine. And all steel design to create a durable, long-lasting product. This snow blower is an excellent machine for heavy use all through the winter months. This model also has the adjustable skid shoes to make sure you can clear a path no matter what the terrain. Even on steep surfaces you’ll get traction with the 15 inch tires. You’ll be able to move serious amounts of snow quickly with the giant 27″ wide intake combined with the 23″ high housing. Let’s not forget the 12″, serrated steel auger. This is a powerful tool to take on all sort of wintery conditions.

Don’t like stopping to make adjustments. Well you won’t have to as the remote chute deflector and remote rotator gets snow exactly where you want it. And don’t forget as an added bonus you get power steering capabilities to keep from getting fatigued.


  • Led Headlight
  • Power Steering
  • Two-stage system
  • Electric Starter
  • Warranty: 5 year
  • Motor Size: 254cc
  • Heated Handle Grips
  • Drive System: 7 gear
  • Clearance width/height: 27 inch x 18+ inch


  • Easy assembly
  • No problem starting up
  • Excellent power steering
  • Handles deep, heavy snow well


  • Belts seem problematic and need changing

Reviews From People Who Purchased:

  • Great blower great delivery
  • Lights are a nice touch for early mornings or late nights
  • Easy to start & lots of power.
  • Powerful and hand warmers are great
  • Great product that will provides many years of reliable service


For areas that receive heavy snowfalls through the winter. This is a popular snow blower. Great for use on icy mixes and wintery wet snow. Also a decent commercial product to help clear large areas quickly. Weighting 260 pounds it’s not as heavy as many other compatible models. Also the power steering is very helpful with easier maneuverability when transport is necessary.

2019 Review On Husqvarna Snow Blowers:Key Factors

2019 Review On Husqvarna Snow Blowers:Abilities & Performance

You’ll soon find out there two main types of snow blowers. Those with single stage and two stage systems. Single stage snow blowers will have one auger that cuts the snow and discharges it into the chute. A dual stage snow blower comes equipped with an additional fan. This additional fan will give you a more powerful throwing performance. You can expect to pay more for a dual stage snow blower. But they are also a worthwhile investment. Especially if you have larger areas to clear and get a lot of heavy snow fall.

Snow throwers can be either gas powered or electric (corded or rechargeable). Electric snow blowers are used in lighter snow and smaller areas. While gas powered snow blowers are better suited for larger areas and heavier snow.

2019 Review On Husqvarna Snow Blowers:Ease of Movement & Quality

No one wants to fight with their snow blower when it’s cold outside. So you should think about how easy it is to move around and also how well constructed it is built. If you have a driveway that is on an angle or slope then you want to invest in a machine that you can move easily through the snow.

2019 Review On Husqvarna Snow Blowers:Additional Snow Blower Features – Nice To Haves

It’s always nice to have heater grips, an electric starter and LED lights. LED lights for those early morning or later evening sessions (well it will be winter so with days being shorter there is a good chance you will be clearing snow at dusk or in the dark) If you do need a snow blower, the very least you can ask for is one which is reliable, simple to use and doesn’t require an enormous amount of maintenance.


Husqvarna is a popular brand that stands behind their product name, and the snow blowers they manufacture seem to have a dependability rating that ranks high amongst comparable machines. Although a total of 12 models are currently available by the company within 3 different series, some of three most popular have been reviewed above. Everything from single-stage throwers to powerful two-stage designs are available for home and business owners alike. Your model consideration should depend upon both your specific snowfall totals and climate habits, as well as personal preferences And, as always, if you found this 2019 Review On Husqvarna Snow Blowers helpful we’d love if you would share it!

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