Top 4 Rotary Tillers For Tractors Review Guide 2019

Top 4 Rotary Tillers For Tractors Review Guide

Looking to till up some land for a garden and need some advice on buying a tiller then the Top 4 Rotary Tillers For Tractors Review Guide is here to help.

In this Top 4 Rotary Tillers For Tractors Review Guide we want to help you make more educated and informed buying decisions. Give you a few tips and share some of the information we learned and found.

Rotary tillers and garden tillers come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. You have pull behind tillers, toe behind tiller, walk behind tillers, atv tillers, and 3 point tillers for tractors. We will save the walk behind tillers and the pull behind tillers which includes the atv tillers and toe behind tillers for another article and focus on the best rotary tiller for tractors in this review guide.

To be honest you will be happy with just about any tiller you buy as they can save you so much time and make your life so much easier. With that said you still want to get the most for your money and the best fit for your tractor. Here is our top 4 rotary tillers for tractors review guide for 2019

At A Glance: Our Top 4 Rotary Tillers For Tractors

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Rotary Tiller for Tractors Buyers Guide

Remember the days of tilling by hand? I say days because it literally took days! My back is hurting just thinking about it and I can feel the blisters on my hand forming already. Believe it or not rotary tillers actually make tilling fun.

Okay maybe fun isn’t the right word but tilling up a garden sure is a lot easier and faster with a rotary tiller and almost enjoyable. Is that better? All kidding aside you really can turn days into hours with the help of a garden rotary tiller.

I’m sure you already know this and you are ready to take that next step and make a purchase which is why you are here. So lets get on with this rotary tiller for tractors buyers guide.

How to Choose a Garden Tiller

How to choose a garden tiller. One think you want to look at is the width of the tiller. The most efficient till will be one that is a bit wider than the max width of your rear tractor tires. This is to make sure you cover your tracks when tilling.

The sub-compact tractors are one the most popular sold and are similar in size and run around 25hp being a tad under 4 feet in width. For those the 4 foot tillers work the best.

If you happen to have an older model tractor that is bigger but the same or less horse power you might want to look into getting an “offset” tiller. The offset tiller allows you to at least cover one tire track each pass.

Horse Power play a big part in getting the right rotary tiller for your tractor so make sure your tractor has enough horse power to pull the garden rotary tiller you decide to purchase.

Gears or Chain Drive

You have two options when it comes to garden rotary tiller drives, either gears or chain drive. The gear drive may seem better at first because they typicality pull harder and last longer.

However if something does go wrong it could a bit more trouble to fix as most gear parts like tractor parts you can’t run down the street and pickup at your local hardware store. You’ll need to order them and wait for them to be delivered.

Chain drives actually spin faster and can on the chance that one breaks they can be quicker to replace even though it takes a lot to mess up either of these.

The Importance of Weight

Shipping costs aside the weight is something else to consider. Lets say you have some unbroken ground and you know that it’s either super hard or got lots of clay. If that’s the case you’ll want something with some weight or else your garden rotary tiller will be bouncing all round and have a good chance of damaging the tines or top plate.

Don’t forget to check your 3 point hitch lift capacity either because buying a garden tiller your tractor can’t life won’t do you much good.

Forward or Reverse Rotation

Forward vs Reverse Rotation, which is better? Well my experience is limited with reverse rotation tillers however from what I’ve researched it depends. I know not a clear cut answer but few things are.

The depends factor is based on a number of things such as soil conditions. Lets say for example your ground is full of rocks and hard clay, you’ll want a forward rotation tiller to prevent rocks from being dug up and slung towards the drive or but back into the path which can damage the tines.

Most tillers will be forward rotation which require less horse power and can be easier to use. Also expect to pay more for that reverse rotation tiller. Anywhere from a few hundred to a thousand dollars more.

Number of Tines

It’s one of those things most don’t consider but the number of tines can make a big difference in not only the quality of the till but the amount of horse power required. More tines equals more weight.

Different Uses for a Garden Tiller

Obviously the most common use for the garden tiller is to till up soil for planting a garden but there’s a number of other reasons you might want to till up the ground.

  • Preparing the ground for gardening
  • Prepping soil for a seed bed
  • Landscaping
  • Removing weeds between vegetable rows
  • Loosen up the soil for better irrigation
  • Mixing fertilizer and compost
  • Plowing garden waste into the soil to decompose over the winter
  • Turning over top soil
  • Making a Food Plot

Now that is out of the way lets move on with our Top 4 Rotary Tillers For Tractors Review Guide and get to the products.

Our Top Choices in Rotary Tiller for Tractors

King Kutter Gear-Driven Rotary Tiller

King Kutter Gear-Driven Rotary Tiller

The King Kutter Gear-Driven Rotary Tiller is at the top of our list because like the box blade, this thing is made to last. The King Kutter gear driven rotary tiller is as it’s name states gear driven. Those gears really help when it comes to digging up unbroken ground.

Designed to perform with a cast iron gear box and square tube frame. Having the adjustable skids allows you to really have that depth control for when the ground is dry and compact.

Includes a rear shield that not only helps from slinging rocks and debris but helps mix up the soil as you are tilling. There’s also a kickstand which comes in real handy when hooking up to your tractor.

If you are about to plant your first garden you’ll really appreciate how easy the King Kutter Gear-Driven Rotary Tiller makes tilling up the ground. Sure you can rent one, but if you owned one you would be surprised at how often you used it and how many different things you would end up using it for.

Features Include:

  • Based off of the 5ft Model # TG-60-Y
  • Category 1 compatible
  • PTO shaft with heavy-duty slip clutch
  • 3 Point Hitch
  • 7 Flanges
  • 6 L Shaped tines per flange
  • Requires 25-40 Horse Power
  • Working depth 8 inches

Availabe in 4 foot up to7 foot, and Reverse Rotary Tillers in certain sizes.

Looking over the reviews for this there was one customer who mentioned they had their King Kutter tiller for over 6 years and updated after 10 years and states it’s still going strong!

They did offer some good advice too that you should slip and adjust the clutch one a year and before every use to check the gear oil and top it off if needed. Good maintenance can really help add those extra years.

What We Liked

What we really liked about the King Kutter Gear-Driven Rotary Tiller has to be the overall quality of how this till is built. Given that the company has been around a long time tells you they stand behind their products. That really adds value when you are buying something this expensive.

Check out the thickness of the tines. These are some heavy duty tines that’ll hold up through the toughest of conditions.

What We Don’t Like

The only thing we really didn’t like about the King Kutter tiller is the extra fees for shipping. I get it, it’s heavy and costs a lot to ship one of these yet the price is already a little high and then you throw in the shipping. Then again it’s still worth it.


It’s pretty clear why the King Kutter Rotary Tiller made it to the top of our list and even though the price is up there. If needed though Amazon offers financing which is helpful.

If you have been looking around or just starting to do your research on tillers be sure and add this to your list of possibilities.

Everything Attachments Chain Drive Rotary Tiller

Everything Attachments Chain Drive Rotary Tiller

The Everything Attachments Chain Drive Rotary Tiller is second on our list. We did get to see this chain drive tiller in action and I’ve got to say it performed very well. You can see for yourself on YouTube.

Our review is based of of the 52 Inch YJC052 model and while it’s sold by Everything Attachments it’s actually a Terra Force tiller made by Ansung a South Korean company. It’s reinforced frame make it heavy duty and able to width stand a pretty good beating.

As apposed to the King Kutter this is a chain driven tiller and an excellent one at that. As we mentioned in our buyers guide a chain driving tiller spends faster and can be easier to fix if the occasion arises.

Features Include:

  • Reinforced frame
  • Category 0 & 1 hitch
  • Standard slip clutch
  • True helical gearbox
  • 5 Flanges with 4 blades each
  • 22.1″ Long
  • 31.9″ High
  • 57.3″ Overall width
  • 52″ Working width
  • 6 1/2″ Max depth
  • Weights 416 lbs.
  • 6 Flanges with 6 blades each
  • Rated for tractors with 15 – 35 horse power
  • Includes PTO shaft with slip clutch

Reading over the reviews on their site you can see that their customers rated it 5 our of 5 starts. Of course Everything Attachments has great customer support so that’s always a plus.

While in our opinion it’s not quite as good as the King Kutter it’s still a great tiller and one worth considering if you are in the market.

What We Liked

We really like the fact that it’s a category 0 & 1 hitch. As a result this allows it to fit a larger variety of tractors. Did I mention free shipping? You just can’t beat free shipping.

What We Didn’t Like

The EA Chain Drive Rotary Tiller uses C shaped tines instead of L shaped. With that said nothing wrong with C shaped tines, however L shaped tines tend to penetrate the soil more easily while getting a little deeper to mix tough soil.


Overall the EA Tiller is a great option and well suited for this list. Their customer service is top notch and very helpful.

Farmer Helper Rotary Tiller

Farmer Helper Rotary Tiller also sold as Value Leader tillers is another solid chain driven tiller. It’s a great size tiller for a subcompact tractor. Believe it not Walmart actually sells this tiller but when I checked they were sold out of this model.

The Farmer Helper tillers are made in China and while they are not as well built as the King Kutter it’s still a decent tiller with some handy features.

For example the Farmer Helper tillers have what’s called an overrunning clutch. In short that is a device in the transmission that disengages the driveshaft from the driven shaft when the drive shaft rotates faster then the driveshaft.

No need to worry about dust, debris, or moisture wearing and tearing the chain because the chain tightener assembly on this tiller is resistant to heat, dust, debris and moisture. For the most part all the well designed chain driven tillers have this feature.

Perfect attachment for small nurseries, small hobby farms and for light to medium duty residential use.

Features Include:

  • Maintenance free oil bath transmission
  • Adjustable tiling depth
  • Right hand offset to help cover tire tracks
  • Cat 1 3 point hitch
  • 6 Spline slip clutch drive-line
  • Designed for 12-35 horse power tractors
  • 35 Horse power rated gear box
  • 1/4″ Double walled sides
  • 14″ Blade swing
  • 2 Year warranty

Another feature is the tensioners for the chain drive is easy to reach making automatic and manual adjustments a lot easier.

All of the customer reviews we read on the Farmer Helper tillers where highly rated and very pleased customers.

What We Liked

Having a 2 year warranty really helps ease the mind when spending that kind of money. They appear to be pretty quick when it comes to shipping which sure beats waiting 4 or 5 weeks.

What We Didn’t Like

A few reviews mentioned about the lack of instructions which can be a pain for those who are unsure what to do when things don’t turn out right.

The fact that its made in China it may be difficult and take some time to get parts. This can really put your gardening plans on hold.


Farmer Helper Rotary Tillers are ideal for homeowners looking to do a little landscaping here and there. Perhaps you run a small nursery or a small hobby farm and looking to shorten your daily work load of hand tilling.

What ever the case may be you won’t be disappointed with the purchase of a Farmer Helper Rotary Tiller.

Titan Heavy Duty Rotary Tiller

Titan Heavy Duty Rotary Tiller

The Titan Heavy Duty Rotary Tiller is our other top choice for gear driven rotary tillers. It’s not as well built as the King Kutter but it’s also a lot easier on the wallet. Don’t let the price fool you it’s still a great tiller.

Being that it’s a gear driven tiller you won’t have to worry about any chains breaking on top of the fact that there’s a heavy duty gear box to provide you with the maximum amount of tillage.

You’ll have no trouble prepping a seed bed or tilling up soil for a garden with the 36 durable 28 oz tines. There’s a working depth of 2-8 inches however if the ground is rocky or hard you would be better off not going any lower than 5 to 6 inches.

Features Include:

  • Based off the Titan 60″ Heavy Duty Rotary Tiller
  • Heavy duty gear box
  • Category 1 3-Point Hitch
  • 6 Flanges with 6 tines per flange
  • Gear Driven / PTO with Shear Pin
  • Left and right handed L-shaped tines for optimal performance
  • Heavy duty 28 oz tines for durability
  • 5 Adjustable ski height settings
  • PTO Shaft and bottom link pins
  • Power requirement: 18-40 Horse Power
  • Working Depth: 2-8″
  • One year warranty on the gearbox

Only one review on the Titan 60″ Heavy Duty Rotary Tiller at the time of writing this post and the customer mentioned how he liked how it was built and the shipping was amazingly fast. Unfortunately they hadn’t used it yet and couldn’t give any feed back on that.

Do us a favor and if you end up going with the Titan rotary tiller on Amazon please leave a review. Good or bad it really helps others.

What We Liked

Two things we like most about the Titan tiller is the fact that it’s a gear driven tiller and it’s at a great price. Not only is the Titan tiller a great price but the shipping is free!

What We Don’t Like

While we didn’t get to see the actual gears from looking at the gear box we fear the gears might be a bit on the thin side which would lead to quicker wear and tear. However this is just speculation for now.


Over all the gear driven Titan Heavy Duty Rotary Tiller is great till at a great price. Perfect for those residential gardens and food plots. Not everyone needs an industrial made tiller and this is an awesome substitute and a great attachment for any small sized tractor.


Again we want to thank you for reading over our Top 4 Rotary Tillers for Tractors Review guide and hope that we made your buying decision a little easier. The thing about rotary tillers is they will make your life a lot easier and save you so much time.

Whether you end up with a chain driven or a gear driven you’ll be happy. Just make sure to get the size that suitable for your tractor. Please drop a comment and let us know what you ended up with and how your thoughts on it. Good luck and Happy tilling.

About The Author:
Scott Michael
Founder & Owner of I enjoy being outdoors and working outdoors. Found myself always looking up this and that to make life easier when trying to do something so figured I'd start sharing what I learn. Hopes it helps someone out.


5 Comments to “Top 4 Rotary Tillers For Tractors Review Guide 2019”

  • Maria says:

    If you are planning on starting a garden, nothing saves you more time than a rotary tiller. We have the Titan tiller because it’s what we could afford but saving up for the King Kutter tiller because it’s soo much better. Than again the Titan tiller works great for now but hoping to expand the garden soon.

  • Travis says:

    I would agree the King Kutter rotary tiller is well worth the money and can save you a load of time. Make sure you check for large rocks first. Chances are the tiller will dig up a few anyway but it’s always a good idea check over the ground first to make the tiller last longer.

  • Ian says:

    Do yourself a favor and try to clear all the larger rocks out best you can to save your blades. Currently use my fathers old tiller, not sure of the brand but hoping to get a King Kutter or Everything Attachments tiller later this year.

  • Leynes says:

    Been using a Farmer Helper tiller for the last 2 years and it’s been working great! It’s not a King Kutter but for the price I’m happy with it.

  • Eleanor says:

    Make sure which ever rotary tiller you get that your tractor can handle it. Tillers are worth the money if you get the right one for your tractor. I’d almost recommend getting one size down from what your tractor and handle so you don’t have any issues pulling it.